Thursday, August 14, 2008

Trying to release an alpha version

These last two weeks I tried to release a working version of gst-media-services, but I have a unknown bug: sometime, for some type of streams, the pipeline just got paused. I did some things, suggested from IRC community, but it still bugging rarely. The most strange thing on this part is, if I put a time.sleep of 1 second between the gstreamer pipeline linkage and the pipeline play, it works everytime! It's look as sometimes the construction of pipeline isn't being completed, so, has any way of I wait for the pipeline to be complete functional until I set to play state? Ok, I'll spend more time on this these next days.

Also, I want to release an alpha on the Google Summer of Code deadline, August 18th, so, expect something working on my next post. The interface is working ok, and conversion is going rightly, reading elements and constructing pipeline from EncodingProfiles.

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