Monday, June 23, 2008

Desired transcode operations

I'm inviting everyone to help with the desired transcode operations, what operations of conversion, extraction and merging of videos, audios and why not images do you want to do easily, or you already do but not so easily. Here at the project wiki you can just use the template to fill with your operations. This can contribute to I see what Gstreamer can offer (with my gst-registry read, previous post) and what people want to do. And if you hate wikis you can email me or just comment here at the blog and I put at the wiki!
I also created a space at google code where you all can track my work of transcoder application, and redesigned the wiki. I also didn't so much in this last week because of some exams, and I have some this week too so I want to collect information to the application too, while I'll design some possible UI dialogs for the project. The idea of these dialogs is to offer them as a part of gst-media-services to all applications, so a great challenge on this is how to make them usable by different apps. Suggestions are welcome.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Reading from Gst Registry

This last week I worked to read info from GstRegistry. This info should help the EncodingProfiles list of possible formats to convert, and also, as commented in my previous post from Laszlo, this could help on recognizing mimetypes supported too.

It was not hard to read plugins and their features - as these all are very well documented in Gstreamer docs, I just lost some time searching the "get_possible_dynamic_pad_templates". The possible dynamic pads templates are included in the static templates... So I read their pads templates and caps, then I just need to parse them in somehow to it help in building profiles list. Parsing registry is needed too to check if plugins from each transcode operation are available.

With registry parsed, now comes the question: How it could help to build the list? A way that I'm thinking on is to rank the features by their caps mimetypes which each one can generate, and then somehow put them in XML list to help others to compose each transcode operation. Another way is to just build a table with these info, allowing re-ordering and filtering according to each feature details. Ideas?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Encoding Profiles

Reporting my GSoC work, last week I worked in the encoding profiles idea (, deriving it from Banshee's Audio Profile, which is a very nice profile system for transcoding audio files. I'm putting at my project wiki all issues that I'm having to create an example XML of this generalized media profile, which supports video, audio and, why not, images later. With this profile I hope to ease user creation of any kind of transcode operation, according to its need or to an application need.

I'm also comparing some transcoder applications at my project wiki too. If you know any other open source application that I didn't cited at wiki, please just leave a comment there to I analyze it and check if I can get anything to help me on my project!

Now this week I'll delay Encoding Profiles to do, as a Stefan's suggestion, a python script to dump possible configurations for codecs and themselves from registry, so any example script that does something like this is welcome too!