Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Encoding Profiles

Reporting my GSoC work, last week I worked in the encoding profiles idea (http://gstreamer.freedesktop.org/wiki/EncodingProfiles), deriving it from Banshee's Audio Profile, which is a very nice profile system for transcoding audio files. I'm putting at my project wiki all issues that I'm having to create an example XML of this generalized media profile, which supports video, audio and, why not, images later. With this profile I hope to ease user creation of any kind of transcode operation, according to its need or to an application need.

I'm also comparing some transcoder applications at my project wiki too. If you know any other open source application that I didn't cited at wiki, please just leave a comment there to I analyze it and check if I can get anything to help me on my project!

Now this week I'll delay Encoding Profiles to do, as a Stefan's suggestion, a python script to dump possible configurations for codecs and themselves from registry, so any example script that does something like this is welcome too!


Laszlo said...

Hi, I am one of the devs of Jokosher, and I have previously commented on Aaron's blog entry about how we would love to have some more advanced profile support.

One thing I think would be nice to have is a way to get all the supported mimetypes, or file extensions. Currently in Jokosher we do not do any file filtering in the open file dialog, because we do now know which codecs have been installed, and which filetypes they support.

Roberto Fagá said...

Hi Laszlo!

Thanks for commenting, reading the registry is possible to let know all mimetypes suported, and my next work for now is to recognize all formats and plugins to use with gst-media-services. I hope with this knowledge help Jokosher and many other projects that I can to, and I'll think how to integrate and offer this filter support.