Monday, June 23, 2008

Desired transcode operations

I'm inviting everyone to help with the desired transcode operations, what operations of conversion, extraction and merging of videos, audios and why not images do you want to do easily, or you already do but not so easily. Here at the project wiki you can just use the template to fill with your operations. This can contribute to I see what Gstreamer can offer (with my gst-registry read, previous post) and what people want to do. And if you hate wikis you can email me or just comment here at the blog and I put at the wiki!
I also created a space at google code where you all can track my work of transcoder application, and redesigned the wiki. I also didn't so much in this last week because of some exams, and I have some this week too so I want to collect information to the application too, while I'll design some possible UI dialogs for the project. The idea of these dialogs is to offer them as a part of gst-media-services to all applications, so a great challenge on this is how to make them usable by different apps. Suggestions are welcome.

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